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Gain Career Competitive Advantages.

Professional Resume


Leverage significant data analytics capabilities to connect your professional resumes to fitting career positions.

Specialized Cover Letter


Strategically build Cover Letter that stands out for a specific industry or particular career position.

LinkedIn Digital Branding


More than 90% of HR reviews LinkedIn when they are selecting talents. Moreover, you must optimize your professional branding as well as develop connections.

Professional Business Cards


If people make "snap" judgments about you in the first 7 seconds, what are you saying about you? Are you ready for a well-designed impressive business card that will let the other person remember you forever?

Cross Culture Workplace Strategy


People see the world through their color of glance. As Phenix Career Management, Culture is what we are excited about each client cases.

Professional Career Management


World-renowned Thunderbird School of Global Management MBA management consultants leads cross-cultural team professionally build up the workplace strategy that you deserve to have.

Career Management Plan & Reports


Cross-cultural career planning is one of the core services of Phenix Career Management. International students in the United States must have a clear understanding and plan for their expected career adventures.

Professional Internship Management


Phenix Career Management uses a world-leading TMP system for job matching and career planning. By using the TMP system, companies can efficiently eliminate hires, and present talent Management Plus – TMP, the only assessment-based screening system powered by job matching.

Targeted Company & Industry Research

Application & Company Research is a research-based for particular companies or industries, potential internship/job positions, and significant opponents in the industry. This analysis report also includes industry conditions with strategic analysis recommendations.

Access Career Management Courses

At Phénix Career Management, our experienced consultants recorded informal interview sessions Q&A and analysis of current issues in the career environment. Video use case-based analysis and real-world scenarios to explain the cross-cultural strategy. As Phénix Career, you will have 24/7 of continuing access to career video courses,  anytime, anywhere.

Professional Networking Management

Professional Networking plays a critical role in an internship or career opportunities. It doesn’t matter if you’re brilliant if no one knows you are. Eighty-five percent of the best jobs are not on a job website or if they are the hiring administrator already has a candidate in mind and is merely posting it to comply with HR requirements.

Strategic Mock Interview

Strategically outlining Mock Interview into four parts. Comprehensive understanding of cross-cultural interview techniques through the Hypothetical Question, Open-ended Question, Traditional Question, and Behavioral Questions.

Powerful 30s Pitch Development


Demonstrate, explain, record, and set up the 30s pitch to immediately draw recognition to self-introduction.

Target Training International®

At Phénix Career Management, Our TTI Target Traning International Success Insights certified consultants would go into each following measures for your cross-culture core career competencies and strengthen up your career.

Career Project

Career Explorer Project - CEP

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  Professional Resume

  Specialized Cover Letter
  LinkedIn Digital Branding

  Professional Business Cards
  Cross Culture Workplace Strategy

  Professional Career Management

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