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Cross-cultural career planning is one of the core services of Phenix Career Management. International students in the United States must have a clear understanding and plan for their expected career adventures. International students must begin career tracks by choosing majors while in universities, related internships, and potential professional connections as acquiescences with strategic career planning.

Discovering an internship or job is a strategic career step. Determining a good organization or position is equal to preferring your profession and growth in the next 10 to 20 years. Alternatively, strategic planning also perhaps can do a vital step for next 3-5 years and further your career to next level upon conclusion. At Phenix Career Management, our consultants accomplish with our clients collectively to choose ten potential companies through the capabilities of meaningful data analysis and conduct in-depth analysis with a collection of company backgrounds, possible positions, interview questions, and talent management models. The “Selecting Target Companies” service is an essential part of applying for internships and job positions.

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Why Phénix Career Management ?

At Phénix Career, our career management consultants are certified with years of understanding of cultural adaptability, unique career strategies, and significant data analysis capabilities.

You will gain competitive advantages over any other internship or job applicants.

An internship can give you a competitive advantage over applicants who also have a degree but do not have relevant work experience.


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