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Career Management Courses

  • Career Management Strategic Interview
  • CMI-101 Employers Attributes and Skills
  • CMI-102 Strategic Interview Strategic Communication
  • CMI-103 Behavioral Interview & Problem-Solving
  • CMI-104 Interview Follow Up Strategy
  • Career Management Career Path
  • CMP-101 Thirteen Motivators
  • CMP-102 Interpersonal Effectiveness
  • CMP-103 Eight Core Elements
  • CMP-104 Bring Management Structure
  • CMP-105 Power and Influence
  • CMP-106 Strategic Decision-Making
  • CMP-107 Career Value Inventories

Why Phénix Career Management ?

At Phénix Career, our career management consultants are certified with years of understanding of cultural adaptability, unique career strategies, and significant data analysis capabilities.

You will gain competitive advantages over any other internship or job applicants.

An internship can give you a competitive advantage over applicants who also have a degree but do not have relevant work experience.


Career Project

Career Explorer Project - CEP

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  Professional Resume

  Specialized Cover Letter
  LinkedIn Digital Branding

  Professional Business Cards
  Cross Culture Workplace Strategy

  Professional Career Management

Career Aspire​​​​​​​ Project - CAP
Internship Premier Project - IPP
Career Cruiser Project - CCP