Gain Career Competitive Advantages.

Career Admission Introduction Pack

Career Admission is the introduction pack to enter professional work environment in the United States. Career Admission Pack includes the four most important components for internship and job application process.

Well-built professional resumes with industry leading ATS data analysis reports; Cover Letters that designed for specific targeted company or industry; and strategies for building online professional personal branding.

Our management consultants preparing and printing customized professional business cards. Perhaps, everyone can write resumes and cover letters or build LinkedIn and design professional business cards. 

Here are services we have designed into our Career Admission Introduction Pack for your career competitive advantages.:

  • Resume Build Up
  • Cover Letter Build Up
  • LinkedIn Build Up
  • Professional Business Cards

Why Phénix Career Management ?

At Phénix Career, our career management consultants are certified with years of understanding of cultural adaptability, unique career strategies, and significant data analysis capabilities.

You will gain competitive advantages over any other internship or job applicants.

An internship can give you a competitive advantage over applicants who also have a degree but do not have relevant work experience.


Career Project

Career Explorer Project - CEP

You Got Your Career Covered!


  Professional Resume

  Specialized Cover Letter
  LinkedIn Digital Branding

  Professional Business Cards
  Cross Culture Workplace Strategy

  Professional Career Management

Career Aspire​​​​​​​ Project - CAP
Internship Premier Project - IPP
Career Cruiser Project - CCP