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Application & Company Research


Application & Company Research is a research-based for particular companies or industries, potential internship/job positions, and significant opponents in the industry. This analysis report also includes industry conditions with strategic analysis recommendations. Through facts and research-based examination of the company and the industry, clients will fully recognize a particular field and receive a 50+ page industry report. Each report is individually prepared and accredited by industry experts.


Our clients indicate that when a full understanding of particular industry information is collected, they will have a significantly higher chance during the interview process. Multiple enter-level employees have found that with the knowledge of the specific industry can help build influence in their companies and provide them with room for rapid recognition by their co-workers.

At Phénix Career Management, converse with data, demonstrate with evidence, serve with cases, and engage with emotions to help clients get company internships or job opportunities.


Our consultants believe that this Application & Company Research is a cross-cultural report and an accurate report that allows international students to surpass 99% of internship/job competitors.


  • Resume Match Rates
  • Recruiter Findings
  • Company Research
  • Industry Research


Why Phénix Career Management ?


At Phénix Career, our career management consultants are certified with years of understanding of cultural adaptability, unique career strategies, and significant data analysis capabilities.

You will gain competitive advantages over any other internship or job applicants.

An internship can give you a competitive advantage over applicants who also have a degree but do not have relevant work experience.


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